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Our Four Church Eras.. and counting

Rev. John Washington Morley

Rev. D.C. Gore

The Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1872 by Rev. John Washington Morley. He was founder and first pastor. It was a small church constructed of planks near its present location.

To keep pace with the spiritual growth, the Mount Olive Baptist Church was rebuilt in 1920 under the leadership of its pastor, L.H. Powell. This was a large frame structure housing approximately 380 people. Other ministers serving during this era were Reverends Brown, D.C. Gore, A.J. Lewis and J.L. Williamson.

The rebuilding of the Mount Olive Church was begun the third time under the pastorate of Reverend J.L. Williamson, but was completed under the direction of Reverend H.P. Billups. This church was a block structure.

Rev. Huston P. Billiups

Rev. C.L. Manning served as pastor from 1960-1962.

Rev. C.L. Manning

Rev. George H. Buck, Annette and Mrs. Buck

The fourth rebuilding was begun in 1968 with the ground breaking in October of that year under the pastorship of George Hartford Buck.

Present church cornerstone